Data Filter + Other Small Changes

A few changes have been made to the website today. First, you will notice that there is a new button at the bottom of the map. After clicking this button, the map will only show a sensor's data reading if it is less than a week old. If you want to go back to displaying all data, simply click the button again or refresh the page. Second, the location information within the info window for data has been slightly updated. Location coordinates are now rounded to 3 decimal places, and the Map now uses Google Geocoding API to provide a read-friendly approximation of the location. For example, data that was generated in Orlando, Florida will diplay as "Orange County, FL, USA". Third, the map can now center on the user's local location, if they wish. Otherwise, it will center on Kansas at the default zoom level. Lastly, a small number of minor bugs have been patched.

Improved Data History Load Times

The data history page should load much quicker now. When the client loads the page, they will be notified that the server is currently fetching the requested data from the database. Once the data has been fetched, the page will instantly refresh without any action needed from the user.

Updated Map Icons

Today we updated the map icons. They now display the average reading across all 3 PM2.5 sensor valeus.

Several QoL Updates

We have made several quality of life updates to the website, particularly on the "Data History" webpage. Charts now resize properly according to the user's window size. Downloading data to CSV will now always include the past 7 days of data. Average values are now calculated correctly when null values are present (e.g., when the server expects a valid sensor value that is missing). We have also fixed a number of bugs and other small issues.

Data Can Now Be Downloaded

The data history of sensor nodes can now be downloaded in CSV format. When the user clicks the "Download data to CSV" button, the data within the specified timespan will be downloaded as a CSV file.

Updated Server Logic + Data History

The server logic has been rewritten to have better performance. In addition, the 7-day data history of each sensor node can now be accessed through the "View Data History" button (visible when the user clicks on a sensor node).

New design

Our site administrator has redesigned the website from the ground up. Hope everyone enjoys the new layout. The next order of business is improving the map - stay tuned!